CA Intermediate Law MCQ

CA Intermediate Law Quiz

1. Soya Limited was incorporated in 2014 and has its registered office in Noida. Company wants to call its 4th Annual General Meeting in Mumbai. Whether it is possible?


2. Prince delivers his car to Manoj, a garage owner for repair. Who is the bailor in this case?


3. On 30th June 2017, the liability side of Balance Sheet of X Ltd. showed balance of paid up share capital of Rs. 65 lacs, free reserve of Rs. 10 lacs, share premium account of Rs. 20 lacs, deposits of Rs. 25 lacs, repayable in the current financial year, during the month of September 2017.In July 2017, the company was in need of some short term funds to the tune of Rs. 20 lacs for a period of 6 months. The maximum amount which the company may hold as deposit together with existing deposits will be—


4. DEF Private Limited altered its Articles of Association on its conversion into public Company. A copy of order of the competent authority approving the alteration, is required to be filed with Registrar. How many days Company have to file such order?


5. Which among the following is the cardinal rule of construction of statutes—


6. Seema Bulbs Ltd. is desirous of having significant influence in Shaukeen LED Bulbs and Tubes Ltd. so that the latter becomes its ‘associate company’. For exercising ‘significant influence’ one of the options available to Seema Bulbs is to control at least twenty per cent of total voting power of Shaukeen LED Bulbs and Tubes. What is the other option available?


7. Ravi is the owner of a grocery store. In March 2018, he got the idea of forming a ‘One Person Company’ and convinced his sister Ruchika, an Indian citizen who resides in London but visits India from time to time, to become nominee in his OPC. In the year 2017, Ruchika first came to India on 10th January and left for London on 26th February. Thereafter, she again visited India on 7th June and remained here till 10th October and boarded an evening flight for London on the same day. From then onward she did not visit India in the year 2017 but on 2nd January 2018 she came to India for a short duration and left for London on 14th February, 2018. Is it possible for Ravi to appoint Ruchika as nominee?


8. Priyank and Priyanka, got reserved a name and thereafter a private limited company was formed using the reserved name on 1st June, 2018. Later on, a registered proprietor of a trade mark noted that the name of this private limited company was identical to the trade mark he had earlier got registered under the Trade Marks Act, 1999. Advise as to latest by which date, the proprietor of the registered trade mark can move an application to the Central Government against this anomaly.


9. Sapan and Sanjay made a name reservation application accompanied by requisite fee to the Registrar for forming a new private company. The Registrar accorded its approval for reservation of most preferred name Sapanjay Softwares Private Ltd. on 6th July, 2018. In how many days, necessary documents for incorporation of the company must be submitted to the Registrar so that the reserved name does not get lapsed.


10. Swiss Commodities Private Limited was incorporated in 2015. Company was not running its business properly due to unexpected ups and downs. It could not hold its first annual general meeting in the year 2016. The company is planning to apply for extension of time for holding the AGM from the Registrar of Companies. On which grounds Company can get an extension?


11. Ajo Private Limited made private placement offer to identified people. It was clearly stated that such people have no right of renunciation. Company received share application money within given period of time however could not allot shares within 60 days from receipt. Now it is duty of Ajo Private Limited to repay the share application money. Company will be liable to pay interest if they fail to do so. Within how many days Company has to repay the share application money to avoid interest payment?


12. JX Limited, an unlisted public Company has its registered office in Mumbai. Due to a shortage of storage space, the Board of Directors of JX Limited has decided not to preserve the books of accounts and other related records of accounts. The Board has approached you, to seek an advice on this matter. Give suitable advice to the Board of JX Limited:


13. ABC Infrastructures Limited is a listed company quoted at National Stock Exchange. The company closed its Register of Members in June and August, 2017 for 12 and 21 days respectively. The CFO of company has informed the company secretary to consider closing of register in December for another 15 days for some strategic reasons. Referring to the provisions of Companies Act, 2013, examine the validity of above action of the company.


14. The Board of Directors of Gama Ltd. did not call the Extra Ordinary General meeting within 21 days from the date of receipt of requisition from members, then the requisitionists may themselves call a meeting within a period of from the date of requisition.


15. Which of the following details need not be stated in a Prospectus?


16. High Aim Pvt. Ltd. wants to change its object clause of the Memorandum of Association of the Company. The needs:


17. A guarantee obtained by a creditor by keeping silence as to material circumstances is:


18. Swastik Pvt Ltd passed a special resolution to change its name to Swastik Darshan Pvt Limited on 30th May, 2017. Relevant MCA filing was done on due time and then Company got its new stationery printed on 1st, July, 2017. However, there was a delay in issue of certificate and Company received new certificate on 20th August, 2017 which was issued on 10th August, 2017. Company wants to enter into a lease agreement for new premise. When they can do such agreement in new name of the Company?


19. XYZ Private Limited, has passed a resolution in general meeting to accept deposit from its members. Terms and conditions are finalized in consultation with Reserve Bank of India. Company accepted deposits of INR 30 Lakhs in year 2016. Company wants more deposits in the next quarter. Board of Directors are aware that as per the Act, they have a Ceiling limit, beyond which they cannot accept deposits. What percentage of aggregate of paid-up share capital, free Reserves and securities premium account, they cannot cross?


20. Morgan Limited decided to make an offer for purchase of securities. Application Forms for the purchase were issued to public. However, it was not accompanied by an abridged prospectus. For this default Company is liable for penalty. How much penalty Company has to bear?


21. A had to travel to a different town for 5 days. He left his cow in the custody of B so that she can be taken care of. After two days the cow delivers a calf. Now, B has to return to A:


22. The Registrar shall register any alteration of the memorandum with respect to the objects of the company and certify the registration within a period of from the date of filing of the special resolution.


23. Mr. N is a Company Secretary of Mayo Private Limited. For calling Company’s Annual General meeting, Mr. N has to issue notice of that meeting before stipulated period of time. Draft notice is ready with him. However, he is confused on agenda items for which he has to attach explanatory statement to the notice. Please help him to understand which agenda item needs explanatory Statement?


24. Jatin is desirous of forming a ‘One Person Company (OPC)’ for which he wants to nominate his wife Jasmin who in the event of his death shall become the member of OPC. However, he is not aware of as to which document should contain the name of the nominee. Advise him in the matter.


25. Angel Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. with a paid up capital of Rs.45 Lacs and annual turnover of Rs.175 Lacs, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Almightly Infrasturcture Development Ltd. a listed company. Can Angel Infrastructures be called a small company?


26. XP Ltd declared 12% dividend to its Equity Shareholders. However Company missed to transfer unpaid dividend to bank account even after 40 days from declaration of Dividend. In such case how much interest will be payable?


27. Wide Infra Limited is a Company with 1350 members. Extra General Meeting of Wide Infra Limited was scheduled on 15th November, 2018 at 11 am. On the day of meeting, 3 members were present at 10.45 am. What number of members is required to fulfil quorum requirement?


28. Seven Hospitality Limited (“Company”) was incorporated in 2013. Company run resorts and hotels nearby Mumbai. In 2018, Central government received an application from Mr. X (“proprietor”) who has registered trademark for word “Seven”. In ideal situation, what will be the Central Government’s stand?


29. Rukmani, a fresh science graduate, wants to make available the farmers good quality seeds and manure. For her business she is contemplating to form a company and is weighing various options. Sometimes before, she came to know that a ‘one person company’ has minimum one member and one director whereas a private company has minimum two members and two directors. As regards a public company, she has vague idea that there should be minimum three directors but she does not know about the minimum members required in this case. Advise.


30. ABC Ltd. wants to issue redeemable preference shares for a period of 35 years. Advise whether it can do so.


31. SNDT Ltd decided to shift its registered office from jurisdiction of one Registrar to the jurisdiction of another Registrar. SNDT Ltd complied with the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and did all relevant filing within due period of time. Confirmation on such shifting was received by Regional Director on 26th June, 2017. By when SNDT Ltd has to file that confirmation with the Registrar?


32. S and P go into a shop. S says to the shopkeeper, C, “Let P have the goods, and if he does not pay you, I will. “This is a


33. Extra Limited is a growing Company and requires additional funds for expansion from time to time. They are following the same process for making an offer to public and then issue those shares. This is very time and energy consuming for them. Kindly advise them if there is any way out.


34. The members of Matrix Limited requisitioned for calling Extra Ordinary General Meeting to consider some urgent matters. The same was called by the company. Meeting was scheduled on 31st August, 2018. However, required quorum was not present at the meeting. In this case, what Matrix Limited shall do?


35. Mr. Pushkar wishes to start his own venture with an idea of recycling of plastic waste. He approaches you for your advice so as to decide on which type of entity he should incorporate mainly based on the aspects of taxation, capital funding and other monetary benefits to the promoters. Kindly suggest a suitable form of entity from the following –


36. An internal aid that may be added to include something within the section or to exclude something from it, is—


37. The Annual General meeting of Tirupati Limited was scheduled for 28th December, 2017. Mr. Ananat, shareholder of Tirupati Limited has desired to inspect inspection of proxies lodged with the company. The notice for inspection should be given at least before
the meeting:


38. Mr. X is a shareholder of Mark Pvt Ltd. He transferred his shares to his daughter Ms. D, in the month of February. Registration of such instrument of transfer is still pending by the Company. In this scenario, Companies Act, 2013 state certain provisions which have to be kept in mind by the Company. Which provision mentioned below in this regard is correct?


39. Ruchir Marcons Ltd. which provides marketing and consultancy services is keen to have a ‘significant influence’ in Ruchika Marketing Ltd. so that it becomes its ‘associate company’. For having ‘significant influence’ Ruchir Marcons Ltd. needs to control certain percentage of total voting power of Ruchika Marketing Ltd. What is that?


40. An Indian Company decided to shift its registered office within the jurisdiction of same Registrar in a Board meeting held on 25th May, 2017. Within how many days Company shall intimate such change to Registrar of Companies?


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CA Intermediate Law MCQ

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