How to Score Good Marks in Theory

To ensure maximum benefit, do follow these simple tips.


How do we study for Practical subjects? We solve the questions again and again and practice it as much as we can. But when it comes to theoretical subjects, what do we do? We simply read the questions and their answers. Reading is the first step of understanding the theory subjects. To ensure that we understand what we are reading, we should take a pause, and visualize it in our head. How is it going to help? When we visualize the answer in our head we’ll get to know what are the things that we don’t understand or what was that one thing that we weren’t able to repeat.

We just have to understand and remember the concept. When we visualize the things in a story format in our mind we are going to remember it for a longer duration.

Take the help of Family Members

You can consider it a pro-tip. Remember how when we were kids our moms used to ask us to recite that poem which we, strangely, still remember heartily? Let’s bring that time back again. Ask your mother or any of the family member to ask you questions and you answer them out loud. This is one thing which will surely help you a lot, try it.

Practice by Writing to Score Good Marks in Theory

You don’t have to write down the whole answer. Just note down the headings and subheadings, the key points that you read. Practice it at least 5 times. This might seem like time-consuming but it actually is ‘attempt-saving’. For example, if you read about a process, characteristics, advantages or disadvantages of a particular thing then write them down point-by-point. Scientifically speaking, you remember the things that you write down for a longer period of time. Merely understanding a concept is not enough as in exams we have to project that understanding on paper in order to score good marks. Reading, and then writing down, and then reciting it loudly is going to help you score good marks in theory exams.

Practice as if You’re Sitting in an Examination Center

Whenever you cover a milestone in a theory subject, for example, you studied a difficult topic, you completed a chapter, etc, test your knowledge. How will you test your knowledge? Practice as if you’re sitting in the examination center. Take out a few questions from that chapter, from Study Material, RTPs, MTPs, etc and practice them. This helps you know how well do you understand a particular topic or chapter. Evaluate whether you will be able to score good marks in theory with your level of preparation or not.

Create Hurdles for Yourself

Put yourself in a tighter position than you will be faced with. For this, give mock tests. Suppose if you get 3 hours for your exam, try to attempt the entire mock paper in 2.5 hours. This will help you with time management. The time you’ll save now will be the time you can use in your exams.

Make Short Notes which will help Score Good Marks in Theory

While studying prepare some short notes, charts or pick out keywords from the topic and note it down at one place. You can get a xerox of your study material and keep the back side of the paper blank. You can use that blank space later to note down important points while studying. At the time of exams, you’ll have a compilation of quick referral notes of your own which will save a lot of your time during preparation.

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