How to attend class for maximum learning

Since you spend so much time in school you should try to make a best possible use of that time. So in this post I going to explain that how attend class for maximum learning

Sit in the front row
The first and the most important point on how attend class for maximum learning is to sit in the front row.
If you sit in the last row in the class, you see the teacher, the blackboard and all the students sitting in front of you. When any student in your view talk or moves, it distracts you. That is more entertaining than listening to your teacher. So you lose your concentration. You miss what the teacher is teaching.
Now consider what happens if you sit in front row you see the teacher and the blackboard. So you can concentrate better. Not only that, but you cannot even sleep in front row but you can sleep in the last row.
Now a more scientific explanation of why you should sit in the front row. If you sit in the back row your brain/mind has to process two things; the teacher teaching on the blackboard and the students sitting (and sometimes doing mischief). So some of your brain power is wasted in keeping track of what other students are doing. Now, considered what happens when you sit in front row? The eyes/brains see only the teacher and the blackboard. Even the blackboard looks bigger when you sit in front. The result is that more brain power is available to process (understand, remember, becomes interested in, concentrate, learn) what the teacher is teaching.
On the psychological level, a teacher looks more frequent at student who sit in front row. So teacher is more likely to remember us good student if you sit in front row. This may help you get more marks in internal or practical exam.
On the practical level, most teachers can find out when a student do not understand what they are teaching. So if you are not in front row and if you do not understand something, the teacher is more likely to repeat.
So you should sit in front row in the classroom. You may say that this is not possible if everyone wants to sit in the front row how can everybody sit in front row. Well, you are smart enough to get this course. So you know, But not everyone knows that just by sitting in front row you learn much better.

Bend little forward while sitting
When you sit erect or straight, you turn to be attentive. If you bend a little backward you will tend to be lazy slow and concentrate less. If you bend little forward, you will concentrate more. You will be more attentive.

Participate actively
Ask question to clarify. Ask questions if you do not understand something. If you do not understand something request the teacher to repeat it.
Do not be shy, Do not worry about “what other will think”. Actually, this advice applies to everything in life, not just asking questions.

What to do if you have to miss class
Do not miss a single class if possible. If possible, plan when you have to miss classes. Study extra hard. Study in advance when you are going to miss and when you come back you should study what the teacher is teaching in class and then spend extra time to learn and revise what you missed.
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