How to reduce anxiety


1) Take A Break after longer period of studies- This is the best way to reduce anxiety. When you know that you have a lot to learn, especially before exams, you intend to study for longer periods of time which causes anxiety. You should limit your study time and should take breaks when you feel like you can no longer concentrate on your subject. Take a break, walk in the room or in the garden, breath in some fresh air   take some snacks, these activities will boost your brain and will help you concentrate, or else listen to the music for changing your mind

2) Relaxation Exercises If moving around in the room does not help then you can try some exercises such as yoga, meditation Zumba or its better to do your favorite things you like to do etc. It can help your brain to relax, chill. Just close your eyes, think about something pleasant and you will feel relaxed and motivated, or else think about your future goals that after your hard work you will be standing there where you want to be, see how pleasant it looks.

3) Don’t stress yourself- One of the main reasons of anxiety is the pressure to excel. You know that you need to get good marks and to do so you have to study hard. This puts pressure on you. You keep thinking about the results. All the negative thoughts keep coming in your mind. You start thinking about what will happen if you fail in the exam or if you can’t score well. These negative thoughts drag your concentration away from studies and waste your precious time. So, the best thing to reduce anxiety is to keep your mind clear of all such negative thoughts. Just be positive and stay motivated. Tell yourself that you can do it.

4) Talk to Your Friends, relatives- When you feel anxious you can talk to your friends, family, relatives or someone who can help you stay motivated. You can tell them about your worries and the difficulties you are facing while studying and they can help you through their own experiences. But listen to them carefully don’t take them wrong if they tell you anything which you can’t take it, be serious think from their viewpoint, try to understand them while going to any conclusions.

5) Reward Yourself- You know you have a lot to study but what is the point to study without getting a thing in your mind? When you feel that you cannot focus anymore, just stand up and do whatever you like to do. If you like watching television, go for it. If you like playing video games, sports or any other game, you can definitely spare some time for it. These activities will not waste your time instead they will make you feel fresh and will prepare you to focus again on your studies.

6) Stay Motivated Remembering good things always make you feel better and confident. If you are worried about your result and if you think that you cannot do well in the exam then think about all the achievements you have gained in the past. Remember all the trophies you won or the medals you got for doing excellent work. If you, did it then, you can do it now. Just remember one thing, nothing is impossible. Anxiety is nothing but fear to fail in something. When you conquer the fear, you conquer anxiety.

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