How to score Good Marks in CA IPCC

How to score Good Marks in CA IPCC

If you want to score good marks in CA IPCC whether Group 1, Group 2 or Both Group, there are something extra you require to do to score. In this blog I will give you some idea about this and will try to solve this question “How to score Good Marks in CA IPCC”.

There are some basic points which must be followed :-

1. Must write your answer correctly.

2. Answer sheet should be neat and clean.

3. Where you are doing rough work in your answer sheet, must cross that page and write “Rough Work” on the top of that page.

4. Don’t quote wrong section number because it may reduce your marks. If you don’t know the correct section number then leave it.

5. Try to maintain accuracy while solving questions. Means when you are solving question do it patiently to reduce your mistakes because if you mistake in practical questions then it will deduct your marks.

6. Always start solution of a new question with a fresh page.

The above written things where very basic things which must be followed by everyone to writing his answers. Now I am sharing some valuable things which everyone must check that what the examiner wants us to write. So I am sharing some examiner’s comments on the past attempt papers where you can have some idea about How to score Good Marks in CA IPCC and how to write your answer-sheet.

Here are some examiner’s comment on CA IPCC Nov 2017 answers written by students.

Examiner’s comment on performance of Examinees on CA IPCC Group 1

Examiner’s comment on performance of Examinees on CA IPCC Group 2

Along with this I am sharing suggested answers of CA IPCC Group 1 and Group 2 where you can match with the examiner’s comment.

1. Accounts

2. Business Laws, Ethics & Communication

3. Costing & Financial Management.

4. Taxation

5. Advanced Accounts

6. Audit & Assurance

7. IT & SM

Must check examiner’s comment along with the suggested answers and you will find the solution of “How to score Good Marks in CA IPCC”.

Thanks for reading.

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