How to score good marks in Cost and FM in CA IPCC

How to score good marks in Cost and FM in CA IPCC

Hey friends,
I have seen most of the students that instead of having good knowledge in the subjects like Cost and FM in CA IPCC they are not able to score good marks in this subjects.
So I decided to write a blog on this topic that “How to Score good marks in Cost and FM in CA IPCC”
There are some points which are required to be noticed which writing your cost and fm paper which I am going to explain.

1. Presentation Skill

For an example if you are so hungry and someone give you good food in very beautiful pots and provide you excellent services so you will feel very happy and will eat happily.
Like the same our answer sheet also. If you write your answers in a good presented manner then the examiner will be very happy and will definitely award you good marks.
There are some points which is required to be remember about presentation that:-
1. Always start new question with a new page.
2. Write as much as neat and clean you can write.
3. Make your answer understandable and readable.
4. Always make you rough work in left side of the answer sheet and write “Rough Work” on the top of the page.

Link of checked Answer Sheet and Suggested Answer below this YouTube video where you can see a good presented certified answer sheet who got 91 Marks in Cost and FM paper. After watching that answer sheet you can easily
understand about “How to score good marks in Cost and FM in CA IPCC”

IPCC Cost FM 91 Marks Analysis Answer Sheet and Suggested Answer Nov 2016

2. Preparation

Definitely preparation is the most important thing in the subject. You must select some chapters of good weighted and must revise those chapter many times.
I will highlight some chapters which you must not skip.
Costing :
Marginal costing
Standard costing
Ratio analysis
Funds flow and cash flow
Sources of finance (theory)
Risk is a easy chapter


Revision makes a big difference in scoring good marks. So the subjects like cost and fm you must revise as much as you can. Minimum 3 times revision is required for this subjects. If you do at least 4 to 5 times revision before your examination then that would be the best.

Books to be Refered

Many of the students are confused about books that which book to choose for this to be referred but I would suggest that if you use ICAI Material that would be the best but apart from that if you want to use some more books then don’t take any extra book more than 1 book for each subject otherwise you will waste your time in searching and comparing books rather than studying.

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