Overcome from the failure


1. ANALYSE THE REASON OF YOUR FAILURE– Don’t blame anyone for anything. You also know the reason behind the failure so write it down on your paper so that you can overcome for the same. E.g.- like not completed the paper, or no proper time management.

2. SWOT ANALYSIS OF SUBJECTS – Before starting the preparation know what is your weakness and strength, and focus on it. And also understand your body or mind, how much capable you are to grasp anything so timely you can prepare it, mentally also and physically.

3. PLAN THE PREPARATION– If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. You need to plan your preparation wisely. You should also allot your subject according to your time. Measure your progress wisely, and be confident on your preparation.

4. AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE– you should avoid those people who are fully with negative thoughts and will spread negativity around you, so better stay away from them and just surround yourself with positivity, and always think that everything is possible in life nothing is impossible.

5. NEVER FEEL BAD IF YOU FAIL– When you fail to achieve your goals, you feel anxiety, sadness, shame, use them to your advantage. Instead of feeling bad and being depressed, work hard and improve your future goals.

6. TO BE HEALTHY DEVELOP HEALTHY HABITS-Develop your habit of exercising like, go for walks, practice breathing exercises, meet with family and friends; anything that keeps your mind clear and free from negative thoughts. Who knows, one of these healthy habits might even be the secret to your success!

7. STUDY YOURSELF– Many people feel disheartened after a failure, while many others take failures as an opportunity to learn about and improve themselves. What mistakes have you made? What areas are you lacking in? By digging deep and learning about yourself it will help you to achieve your desired goals and will led to success make this failure your motivation to go higher in your life.

8. TAKE A BREAK IF YOU HAVE TO, BUT DON’T GIVE UP– When you face failure, take time to look inward and identify your mistakes. Only then can you have a shot at success. Always be positive, learn and work hard, to make your mind free from all the past thoughts go for a drive or for two days tour with your friends. This will be mentally good for your health.

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