Summary Notes on Companies Act 2013

Summary Notes on Companies Act 2013

Hey guys I am writing a blog specially for Summary Notes on Companies Act 2013 for CA IPCC students.

Some points I need to highlight about Companies Act 2013 that there are some topics which are very important for CA IPCC examination.

The topics are below :-

CA IPCC Company Law Most Important topics

• Characteristics of a Company

• Corporate Veil

• Holding & Subsidiary Companies

• Guarantee Company & Company having Share Capital

• Dormant Company

• Right and Duties of promoters

• Incorporation of a Company

• Pre Incorporation contract

• Important of registered office of a company

• Alteration of Memorandum

• Conversion of OPC to Private/Public Co. and Conversion of Private to OPC

• Ultra Vires

• Constructive Notice

• Indoor Management

• Global depository receipt

• Types of prospectus and definition

• Remedies against promoters, director and expert

• Minimum subscription

• Underwriting Commission

• Reduction & Diminution of share capital

• Sweat equity share

• Purchase by a company of its own shares

• Forfeiture of shares

• Transfer & Transmission

• Forged Transfer

• Difference between Member and a Shareholder

• Definition of charges and effect of non-registration of charges.

• Notice questions under Sec 101

• Ordinary business and Special business

• Quorum for GM

• Resolution requiring special notice

• Inspection of Minutes of GM

• Voting by electronic mean

• Passing resolution by Postal Ballot

• Annual General Meeting


Must revise all this topics before going to your examination. For your convenience I am sharing here Summary Notes on Companies Act 2013 which can be downloaded from the link below :-

Click here to Download Summary Notes on Companies Act 2013

Thank you so much for reading this post and downloading Summary Notes on Companies Act 2013

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  1. Due to distraction we cut off social media & ur sharing notes on social media channels . Rather than incresing follower give quality student mayautomatically follow u . You are doing gr8 work but why this silly steps.

    1. I understand your concern. I don’t have any intention to increase followers on any other social media platform and neither have any monetary or non-monetary benefit of it. I have given already many clarification that those notes doesn’t belong to WisdomCA so I can’t share on any platform on WisdomCA. This is the reason that I am sharing it on my other social media platform. Hope being a professional course student you understand this.

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