CA IPCC GST Study Material May 2018 and Income Tax Study Material May 2018

CA IPCC GST Study Material May 2018
We have shared a link below to download CA IPCC GST Study Material on just one click.
Indirect Taxes comprises of GST, the syllabus for which is the same in both old course and new course, and hence, the Study Material for new course is applicable for the old course.
Students may note that the marks allocation for Sections A & B is 50:50 in IPCC Paper 4: Taxation and 60:40 in new Intermediate Paper 4: Taxation.
It may be noted that in IIPCC/Intermediate Paper 4B: Indirect Taxes, fresh questions have been included in the Study Material as examples, illustrations and exercise questions with answers, since GST is a new law.
Students may also note that the Revision Test Papers (RTPs) and Mock Test Papers (MTPs) for May 2018 and November 2018 would also contain questions on income-tax law and GST for further honing your problem solving skills.

Download CA IPCC RTP for May 2018

Download CA IPCC GST Study Material

This Study Material of GST comprises of
GST Introduction
Supply Under GST
Charges of GST
Exemption from GST
Time and Value of Supply
Tax Invoice Credit and Debit Notes
Payment of Tax

CA IPCC Income Tax Study Material
We have shared CA IPCC Income Tax Study Material May 2018. You can download in just one click.
IPCE students may also note that the new Intermediate Course Study Material for Paper 4A: Income-tax Law includes questions from erstwhile Income-tax Practice Manual, modified, adapted and answered on the basis of the provisions of income-tax law as amended by the Finance Act, 2017. These questions have been incorporated by way of illustrations explaining the relevant provisions of law or as exercise questions with answers at the end of the relevant chapters in the Study Material. The amendments made by the Finance Act, 2017 in income-tax law and latest circulars and notifications are indicated in italics/bold italics in the Study Material for ease of reference. In effect, the new course Study Material for IIPCE Paper 4A: Income-tax is an integrated material, incorporating questions and answers from erstwhile income-tax Practice Manual and the latest amendments in income-tax law. Since the Study Material is all inclusive, there would be no separate Practice Manual or Supplementary Study Paper either under the Old IIPCC Paper 4A: Income-tax or the New Intermediate Course Paper 4A: Income-tax Law.

Download Income Tax Study Material May 2018

This Study Material of Income Tax comprises of
Basic Concept
Computation of Total income and Tax Payable
Residence and Scope of Total Income
Capital Gain
Heads of Income
Income from House Property
Income from Other Sources
Profit and Gain from Business and Profession
Advance Tax
Deduction from Gross Total Income
E-Filing of Income Tax
Clubbing of Income
Set Off and Carry forward of Losses.

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