How to apply for ICAI Mock Test? Is Mock Test Helpful?

First of all we will discuss the question – Is Mock Test Helpful?
So my answer in this question will be that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect.”
The more practice you do the more skilled and confident you will be. So whenever you get chance to give a Mock Test never miss it because Mock test is very helpful to clear any exam.
So I think that everyone Must go for Mock Test.

Motivating students to start revision early
If you start giving Mock Test then you will get too much motivated. Mock Tests let students practice revision strategies that are proven to be more helpful and discover what works best for them.

Probability from Mock Test in Examination

The mock tests are an added feature to the portfolio of reference material provided by the Institute and I would like to believe that ICAI might give a number of questions in the actual exam from the mock tests to promote the resource.
It is something they have done in the past with the practice manuals, and it wouldn’t hurt them to repeat the strategy.

Improves Knowledge and Strategy

When you start giving Mock Test then it will improve your written, problem solving, thinking and other skills even you will be able to solve your question paper in a limited time as you all know that for most of the students it is very difficult to complete the paper in limited time. So you must go for Mock Test because giving Mock Test is very helpful.

Now the Question “How to apply for ICAI Mock Test?”
So to apply for ICAI Mock Test in you will have to contact your nearest ICAI branch and book your seat by paying applicable amount. (The amount may be Rs. 100 for IPCC and Final which may vary as per branch)
Normally Mock Test are held at the end of March or starting of April for May attempt students and at the end of September or starting of October.
You can check date sheet of Mock test which is to be held in March 2018 click on the link below –

To get the contact number of local ICAI branch you can contact ICAI Helpline number which is 18001211330. You can contact on this number and ask for local branch contact number even if you enquire about Mock Test then you will get information about this also.

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