How to prepare for exam in less time effectively

Here are some tips about preparation for your exam and all I am going to explain is that How to prepare for exam in less time?

There are lots of students who work very hard for their examination but makes some mistakes at last time.

This blog is basically for those students who are preparing for any competitive exam.

So here we have some tips for your question on “How to prepare for exam in less time?”

Tips on How to prepare for exam in less time?

Be Comfortable with your studies

I have seen many of students while at last time of their examination they are in very rush and try to cover up complete syllabus in a day.

This is completely foolish behavior while studying. You need to be calm and be comfortable while studying for your exam at last time.

Don’t be in rush but what you have already studied earlier, revise it again and again because at last time you don’t have enough time to study any new chapter or new concept.

Do all arrangement what you needed example – notes, books, charts, your table, chair, sitting position and all other things.

These arrangement will not let you get any excuse to leave your studies and you can study consistently.

Organize your study space

Make sure to organize your study space so that you could get good atmosphere to study without any distraction.

Arrange all your books, proper light in your room, your table, direction of your study and all other required materials.

This will help you to study for long time without any kind of distraction.

Make study schedule

You need to be disciplined for get succeeded in your examination and when it comes to clear in very short period of time then it is very necessary.

You needed to make a time table for your studies and allot proper time for each subject to study.

You need to understand that each subject has equal importance in your exam. If you fail in any subject means you failed in that exam.

So make a proper study schedule and fix it on the wall before your study table so that you could always remember it.

Analyse past year question papers

In most of the examination nearly 40% of your syllabus contains 70% of marks weightage.

When you study past year question papers and solve them then you get to know the important questions and important areas of your subject.

The best thing comes when you solve it without looking at the solution.

You gain a lots of confidence after solving and you get an idea that how to handle pressure in exam situation.

At last time this tips is very important to prepare for examination effectively in a very short period of time.

Stay away from mobile phone and other distracting elements

Because your examination is very near you need more concentration. So you need to stay away from your mobile phone or other distracting elements if you have any.

While in your exam time you can give your mobile phone to your parents or any in family and tell them to give mobile phone only if it very urgent call.

Or if you are staying in a hostel or far from your family then there are a lots of applications available by which you can reduce habits of using your mobile phone all the times.

Using mobile phones when your exam is very near is really dangerous.

So you need to make it away from you.

Proper arrangement of subject

At the time of exam you have to study a lot and in this situation you need to do proper arrangement for your subjects.

For example – If you have total 4 papers in which 2 are theory and 2 are practical then study 2 or 3 subjects in a day so that you can study properly to each subject.

If you are studying 2 subjects a day, make a combination of 1 theory and 1 practical subject.

If you are studying 3 subjects a day, you can make a combination of 1 theory and 2 practical subjects as practical subjects takes some extra time. You can change it according to you.

Focus more on core material

You need to focus more on core material at the time of examination.

This will create a big difference if you study core material. Core material means what is relevant for your exam.

When you read previous attempt papers then you will get an idea that what is important and you need to prepare according to that.

Take juice or liquid intake

To feel always fresh and energetic you need to prefer juice or liquid intakes while at exam days.

It will help to keep your body light and feel fresh so that when you are studying, you don’t get sleepy.

Do not take long break while studying

When you decide to take a break from your studies make sure that the break doesn’t exceed much.

It is always advised to take a small break while studying, when you are studying for long time.

You can take 5 – 10 mints of break after 2 hours of continuous study which is more preferable.

Use diagrams or memory techniques to remember

Sometimes you realize that we don’t remember name of some people whom we have already met but we remember their face.

Reason being our mind always remember pictures quicker and longer time than of letters.

If you want to remember your theory subjects then you need to apply this technique.

Use some diagrams or some memory techniques to remember the concept easily and for long time.

Do exercise daily

Because you have enough pressure for preparation.

You need some relax also.

So it is very important to do some Yoga or exercise on daily basis so that your mind.

When you do Yoga or Exercise, your mind contain enough oxygen to work.

It feels very relaxed and fresh.

Take proper sleep

Alongwith preparation and hard work your sleep is also very important.

When you sleep enough, next day your mind will work in full energy.

So make sure to take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep on daily basis.

Now as final tip, make sure to do revision of what you have studied.

Good Luck.

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  1. Thank you so much for suggestions. I am following this channel from the attempt I actually tried it also questions came out of it.
    Sir I request you to please give important topics list for CA IPCC (old) syllabus as it is very likely to come questions from your analysis and I have experienced it.
    I hope you realise it soon as exams are very near.
    Thank you 🙂

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