How to study smarter not harder?

Many of the students study very hard but still they failed in their exam and disappoint with their results. You all might be questioning yourself that how to study smarter not harder? How to study effectively so that you could get good results for your study.

For this you need to study smart. In this blog I am going to explain you on “How to study smarter not harder?”

There are various methods available on study tips but here I will explain some tips which will help you to study smartly and if you want to study effectively for long hours then also it will help you a lot.

Tips on how to study smarter not harder

Make proper notes

It is very important to prepare notes while studying. Notes must be in summarized manner so that you could study it quickly.

In notes all key points should be written and must be highlighted so that whenever you are studying, it could easily understand important points.

You need to understand that notes are summarized form of your book. You don’t require to copy paste the complete book while making notes. As I have seen many students that they copy and paste their complete book which is not at all good.

Your notes must be a summarized format of what you have studied and what you have understood.

Notes are very beneficial while before examination. You can revise each and everything in just by spending very little effort and time.

Revise what you have studied

Revision is one of the most important thing which you need to apply in your study routine.

While doing study you need to understand that if you are not able to keep those things in your mind then there is no use of that study.

If we talk about a human memory, if you don’t revise anything within 24 hrs. what you have studied, you will forget nearly 84% of that.

Again if you don’t revise it within a week, you will forget more than 90% and if you don’t revise after that also then it will be again a new concept for you.

So make sure that whatever you are studying in your classroom or anything you are studying for the first time, you must do its first revision within 24 hrs. 2nd revision within a week and 3rd revision within a month. If you use thing method then you will not forget any concept what you have studied earlier.

Understand while studying

I have seen many students, when they study they just read and complete their task. It is not the right method of studying.

When you are studying, you need to patient and understand the concept whatever you are studying. When you understand while studying it gives you good attention and you becomes curious about the facts and your becomes more interested in studying.

Don’t use many books

If you use multiple books for each subject, you will always be confused comparing that which one is best and which books should I study?

You must get 1 or max 2 books for each subject. You must rely on the books what you have taken and study from those books only.

If you use multiple books for each subject, you will try to finish all questions of all books and you will start comparing all books which is not possible in a limited time.

You need to understand that you have limited time for your examination and if you start reading a lots of books then it will not be exam oriented preparation. Yes, I agree that you will get a lot of knowledge in that subject but for exam you have other subjects too and time is limited.

Take break while studying for long hours

One more question might coming in your mind that how to study effectively for long hours?

Already we have talked so much about methods but the most important thing is that you have to study for long time.

When we study our mind work very hard and it needs oxygen to work properly.

When we take some rest in between of our study, mind get relax and get appropriate oxygen and gets ready.

Teach someone else

If you teach what you have studied then it will be highly effective for you to retain things more effectively.

When you teach someone, your mind work really fast and sometimes the miracle happens that the concept what you don’t understand while teaching you get in just one reading.

While teaching you have limited time which creates fear and fear force your mind to work fast.

So at this point of time your mind work really fast while teaching someone.

Test yourself

After completion of your study test yourself what you have studied.

When you test yourself after studying, you understand that how much you have understood.

Sometimes you think that you know all the concept what you have studied.

But when you start testing yourself you get to know that you need to work hard to get into the concept.

Attempt mock test

When you start attempting mock test for that examination, you get prior experienced about that examination and get to know the strategy about that examination that how to appear.

Mock test give you enough confidence also by which you can go and sit in examination confidently and crack it.

Read out loud

I have seen many students while studying they are not able to concentrate on their studies.

The technique to concentrate yourself in study is you need to be more focused.

When you speak out loud, your ears listen, your mouth speaks and that goes in your mind. Means you are very much concentrated into it.

Discuss with friends

Your study needs to be discussed with your colleagues or friends.

When you start discussing about your subject you increase your level of knowledge and so as increasing your communication skill.

When you discuss for any problem, it gets fixed into your mind and becomes fixed for a long period of time.

So discussing your subject will help you a lot to study smarter.

The bottom line

There are various ways to study by which people study and becomes successful. I have explained here a very little on how to study smarter not harder?

I hope you might have found it useful as this methods were used by me also and I shared my experience in it.

Thank you so much for reading this blog.

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