ICAI Advisory for Members, Students and Public at Large in respect of Fake Social Media Pages

ICAI Announced an announcement on 14/05/2020 regarding fake social media pages which are misleading and creating false impression on ICAI.

ICAI Announcement is as follows:-

Kind Attention: All Members, Students of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and Public at Large.

This is to inform all the Members and Students of ICAI and public at large that it has come to the notice of ICAI that various Fake Social Media Pages are being operated illegally on ICAI’s name and logo. They are making various announcements and reference material on which the ICAI has sole and exclusive intellectual property rights (IPRs). They are also making false announcements and posting fake material which are derogatory and objectionable. The contents of the said fake accounts/pages cause confusion in the minds of the Members and Students of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in particular and public at large in general. Further, the contents of the said platforms are also misleading and create a false impression that the material/ announcements posted thereon have the authentication of ICAI.

ICAI hereby categorically states that it is having its own verified Social Media Accounts running on various platforms which are placed as under for the information of its stakeholders.

Name of PlatformURL

Please note that apart from the above, the ICAI does not have any other social media accounts and if anybody claims or propagates that it is the social media account of ICAI, the public, Students and Members are advised to exercise caution and immediately bring it to the notice of the ICAI for necessary action.

It is made clear that the information on the said fake social media pages has been posted/circulated without the knowledge and authority of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and you are advised not to be misled and confused by it.

It may be noted that posting and forwarding fake and derogatory content on these Social Media Platforms is violation of law. Therefore, ICAI hereby warns such social media accounts and the persons controlling them to immediately cease and desist such platforms which are illegal and ICAI reserves the right to initiate appropriate coercive actions both under criminal as well as civil laws.

However, in the meantime, all Members, Students of the Institute and public at large are hereby advised not to follow such fake ICAI Social Media Pages in their own interest. Accordingly, all Members and Students of the Institute are advised to take note of the same. We would also request you to please follow/subscribe/like the above verified pages of ICAI for latest news and updates from ICAI.

Link of ICAI Official Announcement:-


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