ICAI Mock Test Papers (Series-1) for July 2020 CA Examination

ICAI has announced Mock Test Papers (Series-1) for July 2020 CA Examination on 08/05/2020.

This is the first time that ICAI is going to conduct Mock Test LIVE.

Board of Studies of ICAI is commencing the Mock Test Papers (Series-1) from May 11 till 27, for July 2020 CA Foundation, IIPC & Intermediate ; Final Old & New examination. Complete schedule of these mock tests can be accessed/viewed at:


In view of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing lock-down, the Mock Tests will be conducted virtually.

The Question Papers for each subject will be uploaded at BoS Knowledge Portal on www.icai.org as per the schedule by 1PM every day during this period. Students are advised to download and attempt these in real time in the stipulated time limit designated for the papers. The Answer Key to these papers will be uploaded within 48 hours from the time of commencement of the respective paper, as per the schedule. Students can examine their answers with respect to the Answer Keys and self-assess their performance.

BOS will conduct a Special Counselling Session, live to resolve students’ queries and provide specific guidance with respect to each paper in IIPC & Intermediate; Final Old & New examination. The schedule can be viewed at:


Students can send their queries related to a paper/subject/topic after attempting the mock test paper through the forms available at:

Intermediate: https://forms.gle/RHzK8VyuaXhxJasAA

Final: https://forms.gle/X44GrD7BDLnVc5fG6

Link of ICAI Announcement


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