Last 15 days strategy to clear CA Exam

Last 15 days strategy to clear CA Exam?

Now a days this question, “Last 15 days strategy to clear CA Exam” is the most searched question amount all the CA aspirants. So for this question on “How to clear CA Exam in just 15 days” here is my answer for you all.

Now nearly 15 days left for examination and most of the students are confused about “How to clear CA IPCC in just 15 days” or “How to clear CA Final in just 15 days”.

So in this blog I am going to share you some good solution for the questions, “How to clear CA IPCC in just 15 days” and “How to clear CA Final in just 15 days”

I hope this post will give you a fair idea about your planning. Must give me your feedback about this post and share this blog with your friends also.

Let’s Start!

Remove Exam Fear and Negative Thinking

The first thing which is worst for any examination is fear of failure. You must remove it from inside and be inspired.
I would not say to be motivated because motivation is just like a motor car in which if you fill up the petrol then it will work otherwise not.

The same thing is done by motivation. By the time you are motivated you will work and if motivation is finished then your will be surrounded by negative thoughts.

But if we talk about inspiration, if you are really inspired then you will enjoy your study and will do it definitely.

Now if we talk about exam fear, it may with anyone but you can overcome with it by doing some meditation and yoga. I would suggest to go with meditation which is the best technique to overcome with the negative thinking and exam fear.

Don’t start any new chapter

The biggest mistake is done by some students that when only 15 days are left, they start reading a new chapter which he/ she haven’t studied earlier. But you need to understand that this is not the time to start something new but must revise what you have already studied.

Select some chapter having good chances for exam

You have still 15 days to go and you have enough time for preparation. Select some chapters or questions which is having good chances to come in examination. For this thing what you have to do is just go to ICAI official website and download suggested answers of at-least past 6 to 7 attempts and check the trend.

One things you can do to short your syllabus is that cut those questions which have already come in just previous attempt because those questions have very less or no chance to come in next attempt and by doing this you will reduce a lot in your syllabus.

I hope you got some good ideas for your question on How to clear CA IPCC in just 15 days” or “How to clear CA Final in just 15 days”.

Thanks for reading.

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