Preparation Strategy for CA Inter 2022


First Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2022 

Create notes and develop an understanding of the syllabus. During the first month of preparation try to cover up the theoretical portion of the chapter.

Second Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2022

Keep working on the theoretical part of the subjects and try to understand the basic concepts, so that things become easier for you for further studies. The course is vast so you need to be regular with studies.

CA Intermediate Third-Month Preparation Strategy

It’s time now you practice practical problems for the entire day. As only 5 more months left for exams, you need to cover up the course in time with regular studies.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for Last 4 Months

If you have any doubts, ask your teachers or seniors to help you. It is the time where your concepts about the subject should be clear and completely focus on a practical part of the course.

5th Months Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2022

Sit back and concentrate on the topic you are efficient at and work to clear up any problems, dilemmas connected to that subject or question. You can again seek guidance from Teachers or your seniors.

6th Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2022

Eventually, you are here, for the last 2 days for your exams.  Your exams are approaching so don’t stampede if you still are pending with the course. Adhere to your study plan, and you will surely be able to review those remaining topics.

7th Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2022

Don´t be nervous or overconfident during this time. It is time to keep your mind and body stable and fit. With a focused and consistent study plan, you will be well prepared during this time and feel confident about your potential.

Preparation Tips for CA Intermediate May 2022

Keep yourself fit and relaxed.

Download your hall ticket, keep your photographs, timetable in one place before your CA Intermediates exams begin.

DO some exercise daily for 15 minutes daily.

Keep a good digestive system by having healthy eating habits.

keep involvement with family and friends for a specified period.

Develop a reading habit and keep yourself update with current affairs.

Few Tips to Crack CA Exams

Here are some of the tips that will help candidates to crack CA exams in one attempt. Candidates should follow all the tips.

  1. Manage your time- Candidates should not waste their precious time on social media, watching tv, hanging out with friends, etc. Students are advised to invest more of their time studying. CA candidates should at least spend 3-4 hrs. daily in studies.
  2. Daily Study- Candidates appearing for CA must do continuous study. Students should try to study for 10-11 hrs. on a daily basis. Students should solve practice test papers and mock test papers; this will help students to complete the course in the time frame.
  3. Self-evaluation- To check how much you have prepared for your CA exams; students should do a self-evaluation. For this, they should solve practice test papers and also solve mock test papers. After the evaluation candidates should go through the topics in which they need improvement.
  4. Practice- Students appearing for the CA exam should do as much practice they can do. Students must familiarize with all types of question. If students do a maximum practice of the syllabus, they can surely achieve a good score in the examination.
  5. Mock Exams- Students should solve mock test papers. This not increase students’ knowledge but also help them maintain a writing speed. From mock test papers, students can assess themselves.


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