Seven social sins or Deadly Sins as per Mahatma Gandhi

There are Seven Social sins (Deadly sins) as per Mahatma Gandhi

The “Seven social sins” as per Mahatma Gandhi are

Wealth without work

Politics without principles

Commerce without morality

Knowledge without character

Pleasure without concience

Science without humanity

Worship without sacrifice

1. Wealth without work:-
 Getting something for doing nothing is a sin as per Gandhiji is one of the Seven Social sins as per Mahatma Gandhi
 Examples: Gambling, accepting bribe and manipulating markets.

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2. Politics without principles:-
 As per Gandhiji, ‘politics without principles’ means ‘politics without truth’.
 Examples: Getting political office by unethical means and misuse of powers.

3. Commerce without morality:-
 Gandjhiji believed in ‘trusteeship philosophy’ i.e. business should act as a trustee for the society. It should adopt ethical business practices
 Examples: Cheating customers, misleading advertisements and exploiting labour.

4. Knowledge without character:-
 Gandhiji believed that educational system should emphasize on character-building rather than career-building.
 If somebody has true knowledge, it gets reflected in his character.

5. Pleasure without conscience:-
 Seeking fun, excitement or pleasure by being insensitive to others’ feelings and emotions or humanity is a sin.
 Example:- Hunting animals as a sports activity.

6. Science without humanity:-
 Gandhiji believed in applying science for the welfare of humanity.
 Using science without an element of humanity is a sin.
 Example: Making weapons to destroy the humanity.

7. Worship without sacrifice:-
 As per Gandhiji, whatever religion we follow, ultimately we worship truth because truth is God.
 True worship demands sacrifice towards the society

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