Enterprise Information Systems MCQ (New Course)

Enterprise Information Systems (New Course)

1. “Installation of Firewalls” in a telecommunication network is a classic example of_____________controls under Information Systems’ Controls.


2. An organisation ABC used to make payment of the salaries to its employees by transferring of funds to their saving accounts. This mode of transfer made by an ABC is__________.


3. An aspiring CA in his interview CA was asked to provide correct sequence of the following sub-processes that represent Accounting Process Flow. The sub processes are –
(1) Source Document,
(2) Financial Statement,
(3) Adjustments
(4) Ledger,
(5) Adjusted Trial Balance,
(6) Closing Entries,
(7) Journal and
(8) Trial Balance.
What should be the answer?


4. During an audit of financial transactions in an enterprise XYZ, it was found that simple errors of data entry were occurring when two digits that were either individual or part of larger sequence of numbers were reversed when posting a transaction. Which type of error is this?


5. Which of the following does not form part of Human Resource (HR) Management?


6. While Auditing the Input Controls in an enterprise ABC, which of the following controls will not fall under the purview of Input Controls?


7. Which of the following is not a technique of Cryptography?


8. Arrange sequentially the following steps involved in General Ledger Process?
(i) Posting of transactions.
(ii) Reviewing Transactions.
(iii) Generating Financial Reports
(iv) Entering Financial transactions into the system.
(v) Approving transactions.


9. Which feature of Operating Systems helps in allocating resources to make optimum utilization of resources?


10. Which of the following is not an advantage of Flowchart?


11. Name the Module in ERP – Business Process Modules that includes the software deigned specifically for production planning and management.


12. In ABC, financial institution, the authorised officials identified existence of numerous accounts numbers of inactive accounts in their usage data of active customers. Complaint was reported to their IT team. Which type of controls can be exercised by the IT Team in the given case?


13. Arrange sequentially the activities involved in Sales and Distribution Module?
(i) Inventory Sourcing
(ii) Payments
(iii) Billing
(iv) Pre‐Sales Activities
(v) Sales Order Processing
(vi) Delivery


14. Which are the controls that are responsible for maintaining a chronology of the events from the time a sender dispatches a message to the time a receiver obtains the message?


15. Which of the following statement is not true for Internal Control System?


16. Which feature of Operating Systems controls how memory is accessed and also maximizes the memory availability and storage?


17. XBL bank gave an undertaking to the third party for the supply of goods /services to pay amount of Rs. 2 crore on behalf of the Mr. X, a businessman, provided the terms and conditions of the undertaking are complied with. This service of banks is known as –


18. In ABC, financial institution, the authorized officials identified existence of numerous accounts numbers of inactive accounts in their usage data of active customers. Complaint was reported to their IT team. Which type of controls can be exercised by the IT Team in the given case?


19. Mr. Mysterious used to chat on Internet under the name of Ms. Ritu. He also gave her landline telephone number for further chatting. Ms. Ritu was a senior executive of the credit rating information sources of India Ltd. Mr. Mysterious was employed as financial analyst but had been forced to terminate the job earlier. Ritu started receiving mischievous calls. In the light of the given facts, state the liability of Mr. Mysterious within the purview of the Information Technology Act, 2000.


20. Mr. Hope of Delhi ordered raw material for manufacturing of products for domestic use from supplier in Kolkata. Service to deliver the raw material was fixed “within 10 days from the date of order”. State the subsequent stage of order to cash cycle-


21. Provide the correct sequence of phases of Program Development Life Cycle.
(1) Operations and Maintenance,
(2) Coding,
(3) Control,
(4) Design,
(5) Testing and
(6) Planning


22. Mr. X entered into a contract with Mr. Y for purchase of house hold products via online stores on Cash on Delivery (CoD). As per the terms, it was to be delivered within 3 days of the order placed. Due to delivery on the fourth day, Mr. X denied for the performance of the contract. This can be said to be a___________.


23. In an ERP System, which of the following is not true about integration of Modules with Financial and Accounting System?


24. In a 3-Tier Architecture, name the layer that is responsible of receiving the inputs fro the users and perform certain validations.


25. X through his computer steals the data saved in Y’s computer of valuable customers of ABC Ltd. X sold this data to the competitor of ABC Ltd. This act of X is_________.


26. Under Data Resource Management Controls, controls are designed to prevent unauthorized individual from viewing, retrieving, computing or destroying the entity’s data in any organization.


27. In his work place, an employee Mr. X wants to maintain a record of physical receipts of goods purchased from a vendor Mr. G in his Accounting System. Which Voucher type shall he use?


28. Which of the following transactions are not recorded in the Voucher Type “Contra” of the Accounting System?


29. Which of the following is not a rule to be followed while Voucher Numbering?


30. Under Asynchronous attacks in a telecommunication network systems,_________involves spying on information being transmitted over communication network.


CA Intermediate Enterprise Information Systems MCQ (New Course)

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