Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)

Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)

About the Course Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)

The course Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) develops an understanding for use of Information Technology in the field of accounting and auditing and uniform theoretical and practical knowledge to all the aspiring CA students. The training components of the course focus on use of Application Software relevant for Accounting, Auditing and allied areas related to the CA profession. The training would focus on knowledge of Electronic Spread Sheet, Data Base Management System, Computer Assisted Audit Technique (CAAT) and Accounting Package etc.


As a part of the New Scheme of Four Weeks Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) consisting Course on Information Technology for Chartered Accountancy Course, a student has to mandatorily complete the Course on Information Technology from any of the ITT Centres established at Regional Offices/ Branches/ Chapters of ICAI before commencement of Practical Training. The ICAI allows Commerce Graduates/ Post-Graduates (with minimum 55% marks) or Other Graduates/ Post-Graduates (with minimum 60% marks) and Intermediate level passed
students of Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Institute of Cost Accountants of India to enter directly to its Intermediate Course and they need to successfully complete Four Weeks Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) before commencement of the practical training.


The classes are scheduled for minimum 6 hours per day, in 15 working days.


The fee shall be Rs. 6500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred only) per student on nonresidential basis, inclusive of course material and tea/refreshment.

Suggested allocation of Time w.r.t Topics

The suggested allocation of hours among the broad areas of the course content is as

1E Learning - Computer Fundamentals, Operating Systems,
2MS - Word6
3MS - Excel 30
4MS - PowerPoint 12
5Databases using MS - Access6
6CAAT 18
7Accounting Package18

Course on Information Technology (ICITSS)

1. E Learning
a. Computer Fundamental
b. Operating System

c. CBS
2. MS – Word
a. Introduction to MS‐Word
b. Tables handling
c. Use of Templates and Version Control
d. Creating Macros

3. MS – Excel

a. Introduction to MS‐Excel
b. Cell Referencing, Ranges and Functions
c. Working with Worksheet, Charts, Macros and Hyperlinks
d. Consolidation of Data & Data Analysis
e. Data Validation & Protection
f. PivotTable Reports & PivotChart Reports
g. Importing/Exporting data
h. Multi‐Dimensional Analysis of data
i. Dashboard Reporting using MS ‐ Excel

4. MS – PowerPoint
a. Introduction to MS Power Point

5. MS ‐ Access
a. Introduction to MS ‐ Access
b. Working with Table and Forms
c. Working with Queries and Reports

a. Introduction to CAAT
b. Data Analysis and Audit Techniques
c. Data Analysis Using IDEA
d. Advanced Analytics using IDEA

7. Accounting Package
a. Principal of Accounting
b. Introduction to Tally.ERP 9
c. Voucher Entry in Tally.ERP 9
d. Generating Reports In Tally.ERP 9
e. Financial Analysis Tools In Tally.ERP 9
f. E‐filing Process

Dress Code

The branches should ensure that students come in proper formal dress and uphold the grace of the Profession. They should not be permitted to enter the classroom in Jeans and T-shirts. The necessary instructions may be put up on the notice board and also communicated to the students at time of the registration for these courses. These
instructions are to be adhered strictly.

Training details

The Regional offices/ branches of the ICAI will organize Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) as per the detailed course contents provided by the Board of Studies. They will ensure that all modules of course material are taught as per the time duration specified in the syllabus. The course should be supported by intensive practical exercises so that the concepts are clearly understood by the students.


A student is required to have minimum 90% attendance to successfully complete the Course on Information Technology (ICITSS).

Module Tests

A student of Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) is required to pass two module tests as a part of the Course by securing at least 50% marks in individual test. The module test shall comprise of objective type and descriptive questions. The duration of each Module Test is one hour. Evaluation of the module test is to be done by the ITT Centre. In case a student fails in a Module Test, one re-appearance for each test is allowed free of cost. For any additional reappearance, the student is required to pay a nominal fee of Rs.150/- per test. These two module tests carry 20% weightage in successfully completing the course.


A student of Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) is required to prepare a multi-disciplinary project of 100 marks covering all aspects of the course syllabus. The weightage of the project is 20%. The Students are required to submit the project before appearing for the Final Online Examination.

Eligibility for Final Online Examination

A student of Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) becomes eligible to appear in the Final Online Examination only if he/ she fulfils the following criteria:

a. 90% Attendance.
b. Successfully qualifies Two Module Tests
c. Submission of the Project Report and
d. Payment of full fee for the course.
12. Passing Requirements

A student of the Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) is required to secure minimum 60% marks in aggregate taking into account two Module Tests, Project and Final Online Examination. The allocation of marks is as follows:

1Two Module Tests20%
2Project Report20%
3Final Online Examination60%

In case a student fails to secure 60% marks in the aggregate, he/she may be allowed to reappear for Online Examination for two more attempts free of cost. However, if a student fails to secure 60% marks even after three attempts, he/she shall have to pay a nominal fee of Rs.300/- to the Regional office/Branch of ICAI for every additional attempt.

Final Online Examination

The Final Online Examination is of objective type questions of 3 hours duration with 200 questions. This examination is held on Sunday and date is intimated to students by the ITT Centre in which he/ she is pursuing the course.

A student has to complete the examination within the time allocated in one sitting. The Online Examination software generates the Questions Paper from the question bank randomly with questions selected for topics in proportion to hours allocated to respective topics of the course.

Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) Certificate

The accredited ITT centre issues certificate to students who successfully complete the Course and fulfills the passing requirement of the course.

Unfair Means

If any student is found using unfair means during module test or online examination or causes indiscipline in the class, disciplinary action as per ICAI guidelines will be taken against such student.

Concessions for Differently-abled Students

The differently abled students are exempted from undergoing the Course on Information Technology organized by the Regional offices/ branches of the ICAI, but have to follow the following scheme:

 Differently abled students are required to inform the Board of Studies about their option for exemption from undergoing Course on Information Technology, along with the necessary documents, while registering for the Intermediate Course to the Decentralised Office.

 Such students are not required to pay any registration fee for the purpose of Course on Information Technology.

 The Decentralized Office shall provide them a set of course material on registration.

 Since the duration of the course is fifteen days, a differently abled student is required to self-study such course material for a minimum period of 15 days. Therefore, he can send a request to the decentralized office for two specially designed test papers and also inform about his schedule for submission of these test papers.

 The answer sheets of test papers are to be submitted at the said decentralized Office. The student shall be issued certificate on qualifying the test papers.

Registration for ICITSS (Course on Information Technology) through Online Portal

The Board of Studies has developed Online Registration Portal to facilitate students to register in soft skills courses (ICITSS and AICITSS) and make the payment of course fee online using Credit/ Debit card from all across the country.

The Online Portal for ICITSS and Advanced ICITSS provides the facilities which are as under –

 Single sign-on for all courses

 Online registration for all batches

 Online Payment

 Batch transfer facility

 Online feedback submission

 Online certificate generation

 Online report generation

The students are required to login to the Online Portal at http://cloudcampus.icai.org or www.icaionlineregistration.org and register in a particular batch launched by the Programme Organising Unit (POU). After registration, the students may take a print of the acknowledgement slip from the portal and submit the same along with other documents, as mentioned in the acknowledgement slip, to the concerned Programme Organising Unit at least two days before the commencement of the batch. After verifying the documents, the concerned POU will confirm the registration.

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