Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

The top 10 Highest paying jobs in India which will cause you to lose your senses.

Yes, of course, so you tell us which of these jobs you liked and the salary which you expect and which work you love the most.

So let’s start the blog of Top 10 Highest paying jobs in India

1. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

Job of UPSC is one of the most reputed and high paying jobs in India. After clearing UPSC exam, the candidate gets high post in Government of India and gets paid very high money.

These jobs have excellent power and royalty along with excellent money.

When a candidate clear UPSC exam and becomes an IAS, he gets a min of 25 Lakh per annum. Salary increases as per promotion and timing.

Apart from that he gets other perquisites and other facility and incentives.

2. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officers are very important to any company.

The burden of the entire company is on the same side and the evil of the company is the responsibility of these people. So, their salary is also very good.

You will be surprised to hear that even in a country like India, they earn millions. But the thing to note is that the profits of the company depend on them and in today’s competitive world. Making profits to their company and avoiding any kind of deficit is on their shoulders.

But your mouths will remain open only when you find out these years that the annual salary of the CEO is about 25-65 crores which is very high i.e. 2-5 crores per month.

Apart from the salary, they also get company shares and different incentives. That’s why the CEO’s job is considered as a dream job.

3. Chartered accountant (CA)

We all know that the study of a Chartered Accountancy Course is very difficult.

Success is achieved only after continuous efforts of hard work every day.

A CA can work in the field of Audit, Tax, Financial and Accounting and many more fields. The CA’s are taught multiple subjects during their course and they have an extensive knowledge of all the subjects.

CA’s are given special power to sign a company’s financial statement. It is mandatory for every company to sign their financial statement by a CA in practice. That’s why every company and public organization live in search of CA and this is the reason that they get so much money.

There are very few people in India who can become CAs.

You might be surprised to know that an average CA earns approximately 20-25 lakhs approx. in a year.

Salary package of a CA start from 3 Lakh. As a CA fresher max salary is 76 Lakh.

4. Surgeon

Surgeons consider common man to be god because they have a patient’s life in their hands. That is why people do not hesitate to pay them money.

It is heard that in the business of Surgeons there are no recession.

Surgeons operates their patients in the operation table for hours and hence they get good pay for their works.

A surgeon earns approximately 1.5 lakhs to 20 lakhs a month easily, and if we talk about a private surgeon, he gets more pay than that.

5. Business Analyst

Business analysts are important for any company. As companies are much more dependent on their analysis.

Most of the company’s strategy depends on analysis of past analysis and that’s why the company look for a good Business Analyst.

The most important thing about Business Analyst is that they are excellent in their mathematical and logical reasoning and gets paid for their brainy work.

Now it is clear that where the game of mind comes, the money will be good. In such a scenario, Business Analyst in India earns 15-20 lakhs in a year on an average, i.e. 1.5-2 lakhs a month and in addition to the salary the receive other perquisites and bonuses and incentives etc. which becomes a very good amount.

6. Pilot

The life of the pilot is in the sky, you must have heard it, but do you know that even their salary is equal to touching the sky?

Yes, do not be surprised to hear that a life of thousand passengers in sky is in hands of a pilot. And therefore, the training of the pilot is difficult.

This is the reason that they get a lot of money.

Can you guess up to how much a pilot earns annually?

No, so let me tell you.

A commercial pilot gets around 10-20 lakhs a year and a helicopter pilot get 10-15 lakhs.

7. Lawyer

For lawyers, it is believed that they do not like the judge’s chair as much as it does not have much income.

The lawyers appointed by the government, only get a pearl money from the government. But they get their money from their clients in different cases. This is the reason that lawyers are very rich.

Large private lawyers who have good knowledge in law and order and they charge a lot of money for every case.

You will be surprised to hear that the lawyers get only 9-10 lakhs a year, but there are some lawyers who earn millions or crores only in a month.

8. Actors

Most of the people like to become an Actors and the passion to become an Actor is in every street of India.

Do you also have an idea of ​​how much money they get for the films?

Male/ Female actors get 10-50 lakhs for a movie on an average, while the well-known actors who have made their living in the film industry take crores of rupees per movie.

Apart from this, they earn crores of rupees in advertising.

That is, if money is there then it is only in films.

9. Cricketers

We all are keen to know how much match fees in India’s cricketers get.

BCCI is considered to be the richest cricket association in the world, because they have a lot of money, so it is obvious that India’s cricketers too will get very good money.

Apart from this, they get separate money for advertising, so it is said that Indian cricketers are one of the highest earners in the world.

10. Investment banker

Investment banker is also known as “Money Man” because they spend their day with money.

Yes, investment bankers are beneficial for you and for any company, because they give financial advice.

They have a lot of knowledge of market and different financial things and therefore they are always in demand.

There are also very few investment bankers in India and hence their pay is very high.

The entry level starts at Rs 3 lakh, which increases with experience to reach 50-60 lakhs on an average. It may increase as per skills. It is seen that some of the investment bankers are earning in crores also. So max salary depends on your skills.

These were our top 10 Highest paying jobs in India which are best-paid jobs.

Please tell us which of these did you think get the most salary and if you got the chance then which job would you like to take?

Thanks for reading this blog.

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